Welcome to Adult Spiritual Formation (ASF) at Huntsville First United Methodist Church! We are so thankful that you have taken the time to seek out opportunities for growth.

The ASF program utilizes three aspects of spiritual discipline in order to foster and develop your relationship with God which are: 

  1. Fellowship 
  2. Study  
  3. Service

There are a multitude of engaging classes, Sunday Schools and First Groups from which to choose that will intentionally guide you in these areas.

Adult Spiritual Formation
Henry Everitt

Rev. Dr. Henry Everitt
Local Associate Pastor
Director of ASF
Email Pastor Henry | ext. 269

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Classes, Sunday Schools, and First Groups: 
The ASF program offers a wide variety of opportunities to engage in biblical education and service. A complete class and group listing as well as ASF program schedule for special events is listed in the ASF brochure, click on the pdf on the right-hand tab of this page to read.

A few highlights are listed under headings throughout the ASF page to help guide you in your choice. If you would like assistance choosing a study or group to join please contact the Director or Assistant Director of Adult Spiritual Formation.

For beginners to Christianity and faith development we highly recommend that you start with one of the introductory courses listed in the ASF brochure or consider joining an Alpha First Group. In conjunction with an introductory group or class we invite you to take Believing, Belonging, Becoming- a one time, one night class and dinner for visitors and new members.

If you are seeking a spiritual retreat or “time away” for spiritual renewal we recommend attending an Emmaus Walk. It is a 3 day weekend retreat that leads its participants into a deeper and growing relationship with Christ as well as a renewed sense of community.


SingleSpace is a group for older adult singles providing a space for Christian fellowship, support, personal and spiritual growth, as well as opportunities to serve the community. Though an integral part of First United Methodist Church ministries, all singles are welcome regardless of church affiliation.

Single Space May Events

Five Reasons why you should join a First Group:

  • Get connected with those with whom you have common interests, needs and goals
  • Grow your relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Engage in Bible study and discussion
  • Put your faith to work in service to the community
  • Meet at a time and place that is convenient for your group

Mens Studies and Groups: 
Specialized groups for Men are designated within the ASF brochure and feature prayer groups and study groups for time apart in fellow dialogue, study, and prayer. Men’s Thursday Morning Bible Study is a great place to start if you are a man in search of help in beginning to read and study the Bible. For Men’s fellowship we recommend the Friday morning Men’s Prayer Breakfast.

Women’s Studies and Groups: 
Specialized groups for Women are designated within the ASF brochure and feature Bible Studies and service groups for time apart in dialogue, study, and prayer. For women in search of study and deepening spiritual growth we recommend WOW (Women of the Word) Bible study. For women searching for small group fellowship and service opportunities we recommend joining a United Methodist Women’s Circle.

God’s creation is a mighty and majestic thing to behold. Through the leadership of First Traveler’s both members and affiliates of the church are able to travel together in fellowship groups to various sights both domestic and abroad. Gale Fuller, member of ASF leadership team, leads this program opportunity for any seeking to explore God’s creation and grow in community with other believers.

For more information about Adult Spiritual Formation, please contact:

               Henry Everitt                                   Marla Wood
        Asst. Director of ASF                            Director of ASF
               Email Henry                                       Email Marla
       256-539-5738 ext. 269                     256-539-5738 ext. 252