Monday, May 20th meetings:

Joanna Circle will meet in the Upstairs Dining Room of Wesley Hall at 11 A.M.

Martha Circle will meet in Rm 129 of the Main Building of Church at 10 A.M.

Ruth Circle will meet at the home of Carol Cornelius at 10 A.M.

Sarah Circle will meet at the home of Betty Lou Jones at 9:45 A.M.

Tabitha Circle leader, Wendy Henshaw, can provide information, 256-682-5399

Tuesday, May 21st meeting:

Mothers and Daughters Circle will meet at the Clinton St Entrance Foyer at 6 P.M.

Have a great summer!

June 10th- 13th - VBS food support

Sep 5th - UMW Exec Board meeting 9 A.M. HFUMC Conference Rm.

Sep 14th - NE District – Lacey’s Spring UMC

Sep 14th - UMW celebration Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashville, TN

Oct  5th - North Alabama Conference – Camp Sumatanga

Oct 15th - General Meeting 4 P.M.

Oct 26th - NE District Annual Meeting – Holmes St UMC