Faith Promise Update

May 1, 2018

Dear Friends,

The GO Team has finalized the 2018/2019 Faith Promise budget, and we want to share it with the congregation. We are so grateful for your generous pledging to Faith Promise. Our total pledges thus far for 2018/2019 are $193,740.00. This is a $33,740.00 increase over last year's pledge. This also represents 237 individuals and families who have pledged a Faith Promise gift for missions this year. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving that allows us to budget for the year.

In the coming mission year (April 2018-March 2019), we will provide funds for 35 mission partners working in our Jerusalem (local), Judea (regional), Samaria (places we tend to avoid), and Ends of the Earth (International), based on Christ's command to spread the Gospel in Acts 1:8. Lives are being transformed through these valued partners, and your Faith Promise commitment is truly having a kingdom-building impact! Our giving represents two new mission partners: Lincoln Village Ministry ( and UMC Seminary in Tanzania with missionaries Liz and Eric Soard ( 

Remember: your Faith Promise gifts need to be designated "Faith Promise" on your check or envelope so that they go in the Missions account, which is separate from the General Budget. And you may pledge or give to Faith Promise at any time, even if you haven't pledged yet. A pledge card is available for you. 

The GO Team has spent the month of April praying for guidance, listening to others, reviewing the Faith Promise budget, and evaluating cash on hand and pledges for the coming year. Our focus continues to be on partners who encourage and invite our members to serve alongside them in their place of ministry. Those partners who had the greatest increase are the ones who have most effectively engaged our members in hands-on opportunities to serve. We pray that support for our mission partners will continue to grow throughout our congregation. If you have a suggestion for a new mission partner for the GO Team to consider for next year's budget, please let us know. 

The GO Team financials are available for you to review by looking at the chart below. They show exactly who received Faith Promise funds last year and how the Faith Promise funds will be allocated in the coming 12 months. A list of frequently asked questions is available here on our website. If you have questions or comments about Faith Promise, opportunities for you and your family to serve, or anything to do with missions, please contact Rev. Bill Crosby, Mary Ena Heath, Bill Gilchrist or a GO Team area leader: Marnie Woeber, Dick Titus, Marti Stone, and Kay & Dave Jacobson. 

It is a joy to serve with you!
Bill Crosby, Missions and Evangelism Pastor
Mary Ena Heath, GO Team Chair
Bill Gilchrist, GO Team Finance Chair