Welcome to Huntsville First United Methodist.  I am grateful you are taking a look at our congregation.  We are a family of faith with deep, deep history in this community, being one of the first Methodist churches in Alabama and founded in 1808.  (Thomas Jefferson was president)  However, we are a vital and alive congregation for this present day.  We offer multiple worship services, (both traditional and contemporary), vibrant children and youth programs, as well as many small group learning and missional opportunities.  I believe Huntsville First is a place where you can strengthen your faith in Christ, and use your life to influence our community here and beyond.  Please know that I am willing to talk with you if needed, simply contact me via email or the church office.  

I pray that if you are looking for a place to worship, study, and serve, you will visit us here at Huntsville First United Methodist.  

Glenn D. Conner